Top 5 Colleges For Masters In Clinical Research In Canada: Eligibility & Process

Clinical Research is a very noble course of education as it aims to develop new ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat illness. However, students who desire to pursue this discipline for higher degree programs in Canada must fulfil specific requirements.

The equivalent courses to Masters In Clinical Research In Canada are Post Graduation Diploma and Graduate Certificate programs. These are generally one-year courses offered by the best universities in Canada.

This blog will help the interested candidates find in-depth information about higher education in Clinical Research in Canada.

Best Canadian Universities For Masters In Clinical Research

Application Process for a Masters In Clinical Research In Canada

Every institute maintains a specific process of application. However, the major steps remain the same. Aspirants willing to apply for a Masters In Clinical Research In Canada can check these steps for an easy application procedure.


There are a number of institutions that provide degrees in Clinical Research in Canada. So, the first step is to sort and find the right institute. The students can use filters like location, fee structure, eligibility criteria and intake seasons.


Students need to create an account and register at their respective universities. They must fill in all the necessary details. If an applicant is an existing student in the UG courses, they can directly log in with their previous ID.
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Students can apply for particular courses only after they register themselves. This step is crucial for all candidates because the details they add will stay permanently against their names. While applying for the course, applicants might need to upload certain documents. It is recommended to prepare these documents beforehand to avoid any mistakes.


The next step is to submit the application form. Since most of these applications are made online, it is very easy to complete the whole process. However, some institutes might ask to pay the registration prior to this step, while others may ask to complete the payment later.


After completing the whole process, students can track their applications by logging in to the university portal again. However, when the applicants have successfully registered, they will get notified through emails.

Top Universities For Clinical Research In Canada

Detailed Information For Masters In Clinical Research In Canada

Individuals who aspire to pursue a Masters In Clinical Research In Canada or any equivalent degree can check the following universities.

Western University 

Note: The Western University also offers Certificate degrees in the same discipline.

Sheridan College

Humber College

Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Benefits to Study Clinical Research in Canada

Canada is an ever-developing country, with abundant job opportunities in every field. This is one major reason why it attracts so many international students. The other reason is that Canada offers student visas without any stringent parameters.

  • Here, students can get the best quality education in numerous subjects.
  • Applicants are given a work permit without any lengthy procedures.
  • Students in medical fields can have a wide range of career options.
  • Canadian universities prefer real-life training for better learning. Thus, it offers multiple internships and early placement opportunities to its students.
  • A degree from any university in Canada is globally recognised.
Medical Courses After 12th In Canada

Job Opportunities after Masters In Clinical Research In Canada

Students passionate about Clinical Research can choose any career in the field of sciences. Some of the common career choices by research scholars are:

  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Clinical and Professional Programs Assistant
  • Research Analyst
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Data Specialist
  • Clinical Investigator
  • Research Pharmacist
  • Clinical Laboratory Technician

Scholarships Offered to Students Pursuing Masters In Clinical Research In Canada

Some of the well-known scholarship programs offered to students pursuing Master’s in Canada are depicted in the table below.


Diploma or certificate programs in Clinical Research are equivalent to Masters In Clinical Research In CanadaHence, students with a background in sciences and passionate about clinical trials opt for these degrees. In recent times, it has been noticed that the demand for this career is increasing in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. This has made the Canadian Institute of Healthcare Research double the funding in Clinical Research.

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