The biography of “Rich FAMILY “

The biography of Rich FAMILY

The biography of “Rich FAMILY “

Rich family is a record label founded within the early january 2021 and officially unleashed on january the root founders of Rich family are:

  1. Maharaj Xsnoop
The biography of "Rich FAMILY "
The biography of Maharaj Xsnoop

2. Young flowz,

The biography of "Rich FAMILY "
The biography of Young flowz,

3. AB minor.

The biography of "Rich FAMILY "
The biography of AB minor

“Rich” in the name does not literally mean money alone, as many might be mistaking, but as a hive that contains a lot of different kinds of talents and creativities. The “Family” in the name has been derived practically from the founders who transfered their way of life into their music career by living like friends but regarding each other as brothers. The idea is, the label as a home and members as siblings or brothers. The label has sign no artist yet, but aims at signing a lot of talents with time. The aim of Rich family is to create a platform that enhance every young talent that is willing to take his or her talent to the next level, in any entertainment aspect. The label also aims at providing quality entertainment, peace, vibes, to all its audience and money making means and fame to its signee..

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